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We are looking for riders in the USA and United Kingdom regions to join our team. We have some of the best riders in the game and want YOU to join.

Use the below form to submit your entry to be considered for the team. Make sure you include all the information below so if you are successful we can contact you.

The Video URL can be to an Instagram video, Vimeo or Youtube video just make sure it’s the best representation of your riding level and style. Make sure when you select Pro or flow that is the best fit for your riding ability.

For Pro,  have a look at our current worldwide team are you up to or even above the riders Skill level we already have? If you choose Flow you should have a great bag of tricks up your sleeve and a solid skill level, make sure you let us know if you’re competing the last round of placing and comps you have been in.

Though being a sponsored rider is just about your level of skill. We are looking at the whole package! We are looking for a brand Ambassador, an ambassador is someone who is a positive influence on the scooter community, gives back to the sport, supports younger riders, has Positive and professional attitude, responsible and proactive in riding and promotion.

 Some duties/requirements-

Test & develop products

Willing to travel

Active on social media platforms

Believe in the brand

Consistently rides and produces content


 If this sounds like you, fill out the submission form below.  Take your time with the submission make sure its your best !

 Looking forward to hearing from you.


I agree to the Terms and Conditions  and release Blunt and Envy Scooters from all liability for stunts that may be attempted in videos or other content that I may create or submit. I am aware that my submission on,, or is public on the internet and I will not publish content that contains any of the following, Offensive Language, Illegal activities, smoking or drug taking, malicious damage to equipment or facilities or comments that are sexist, racist, derogatory or bullying in any form. I agree to not scooter outside my ability level and accept any risks of injury or damages as my own. Blunt and Envy Scooters does not recommend trying any dangerous stunts that you think will result in injury. We also insist that any filming or stunts use a proper place, safety gear (like helmet and pads), supervision and training from professionals to ensure safety first. I agree that anything I do that causes damages to myself or others will be my own responsibility, and completely indemnify Blunt and Envy Scooters from any liability.