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Charles Padel
Country France
Hometown Toulon
D.O.B March 14
Years Riding 9+
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Nickname Charluuuuux

The Goods

Fav Food:

Vegetables, good meat and French cheese with a cabernet sauvignon 

Fav Music:

I love so many kind of music. but if I had to choose one:

At last – Etta James

Fav Skatepark:


Fav Tour Location:

Every places we went with Blunt, I can’t choose

Fav Crew to Ride With:

My friends

What Was Your First Trick You Had Dialed?


Fav Trick Now?

I like to ride full blast and jumping high

What Do You Do Besides Ride?

Playing music, climbing, making memories

Who Did You Look Up To When You First Started Riding?

The scooter videos didn’t excite when I first start riding. I had no idea if someone was riding a scooter the way I did, until the first scooter forum in France: trotirider. Then everything begins

Why Did You Start Riding Scooters?

Because I feel good on a scooter

Fav Part of The Scooter Scene

Sharing the same sport, having good times togethe

Why Do You Think Kids Should Get Into Riding Scooters?

Ride to enjoy and to push your limits

Do You Listen to Music While You Ride? If So, What Gets You Pumped?

I lke to be focus and quiet when I ride but sometimes a good rock’n’roll make me do crazy things!

Explain The Biggest Street Spot/Jump You Ever Hit

I didn’t land it yet