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AOSV4 LTD- Didine Terchague


Didine Terchague's Signature AOSV4 LTD Deck 

153mm/6" Wide - 585mm/23" Long 

Didine Terchague AOSV4 LTD

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The AOSV4LTD Didine  (Ace Of Spades) V4 Limited Edition Didine Terchague Signature Deck has a 3D forged-high quality Aluminium head tube molded under high pressure to give the Aluminium even greater strength 

This deck is built tough and beautiful with its signature "Snake Dagger" Decal.

153mm/6" Wide - 585mm/23" Long 

Included Nylon brake system with 5mm bolts.

Nylon Front PLate & Boxed Ends 

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