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AOSV4 Standard Deck- Oil Slick


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The AOSV4S (Ace Of Spades) V4 Deck has a 3D forged-high quality Aluminium head tube moulded under high pressure to give the Aluminium even greater strength. With an 82.5 degree head tube allowing a better angle for 120mm wheel setups and new thickened integrated cups to reduce Ovalization.

The rails of the deck have also been widened to suit multiple styles of riding.

This deck is built tough and beautiful with its signature Bottom Decal.

The rear of the deck features a 5mm Nylon Brake with a full-length heat-treated spring steel core for smooth stopping with added grip and dampening the overall sound of the brake.

The 2018 Spacer System, Front Plate and Envy Box Ends round out a beautifully crafted deck for riders of all styles.

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