Warick “Wazzeh”Beynon
  • Country:Australia
  • Hometown:Penrith, Sydney
  • Age: 20
  • Years Riding: 7
  • Nickname: Wazzeh
  • Other Sponsors:Monster Skatepark & Sly Collective
FAV FOOD I like to mix it up, but anything Italian, Mexican, Thai or Chinese.. Oh and chicken Schnitzels are rad too!

FAV MUSIC All genres but definitely hip hop, trap, electro and deep house!

FAV SKATEPARK: This is a tough one, I would have to say Cyclo park in England it pretty rad but there are so many parks I am keen to ride around the world and so many i haven’t been to!

FAV TOUR LOCATION: I have been on so many amazing tours but South Africa was so different and a place i never thought i would go

FAV CREW TO RIDE WITH It’s amazing when I get to ride the international events with all the homies from around the world but all of the Envy/Blunt/Fasen family, Monster crew and the DSC homies for sure!

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST TRICK YOU HAD DIALED? Probably the trick I had best back in the day was the Briflip, whether it was back or front I could do it anywhere

FAV TRICK NOW? Love getting my grind on, no matter what obstacle!

WHAT DO YOU DO BESIDES RIDE? When I’m not riding I’m probably in the studio making music or djing and if you can’t find me there I’m taking my car for a cruise

WHO DID YOU LOOK UP TO WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED RIDING? Coedie Donovan was definitely my biggest influence.. Riding with him while growing up has definitely helped me progress and be in the sport for the right reasons!

WHY DID YOU START RIDING SCOOTERS? I started riding to hang out with my mates when we went to high school, but I have always grown up at the skatepark skating or riding bmx while looking up to my older brother

BEST PART OF THE SCOOTER SCENE Definitely the travelling lately, I’ve ridden my scooter in every continent but antarctica.. and I’m not even 20 yet.

WHY DO THINK KIDS SHOULD GET INTO RIDING SCOOTERS? It’s an amazing sport with opportunities to travel and meet new people, keep fit and straight up have a good time… It’s the best of skateboarding and bmx put together, what more do you want

My playlist changes everyday, but electro or deep house, trap and heaps of hip hop

COMPS OR FILMING? Filming 100%, it’s all about enjoyment for me and I love to share a trick/spot or funny moment.. Memories are priceless

EXPLAIN THE BIGGEST STREET SPOT/JUMP YOU EVER HIT The biggest jump I’ve probably ever done was in England last year at the Scoot Mag Dirt Session event, 40ft on the ATS

WHATS YOUR RIDING PHILOSOPHY Definitely to help build the sport, when i started it was nothing and how far its come in that time is unreal but we can still make it bigger and better! oh and to definitely just have fun and show people thats what its all about, for years now competitions are nothing but a personal challenge for me, everyone gets so caught up in them but if you’re just having fun you’re normally riding good anyway

CURRENT SET UP- Envy grips and bar ends.
Smith Bars, black bandana wrapped with a Black 2 bolt clamp!
Rasta paint splattered Charles Padel AOSv3 sig deck.
SOB forks in black with black on black 7 spokes and black alu pegs.

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