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  • Full Core Wheels
  • The Full Core is a 100mm wheel made by Cold Forging out of our standard 6061 Aluminum, it has a performance bonding to decrease the risk of dehubbing. In making this durable yet flexible wheel we’ve used the best quality 88a Polyurethane that will give you the perfect balance between grip and bounce. Because of the profile and the way they are build by adding the Abec 9 bearings these wheels are now some of the smoothest and fastest on the market.

Cold Forging is preferred for soft metals such as aluminium, this means the wheel core is made by forging it out of one block of Aluminum at room temperature this redistributes the metal molecules in a different way than Hot Forging, making the product equally as strong but with less production steps. After the wheel core is completed it get’s the Polyurethane coating in an Injection mold.


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