Derek Seay- California Trip

Posted by Blunt & Envy | March 3rd, 2016

My California Trip
-Derek Seay

In early January every year, Andrew Broussard puts on an annual event at Clairemont YMCA skate park in San Diego, California. Typically the winter weather lets up for at least one weekend to allow us to have this contest, this year was an exception. The day before I was planning to head there for the contest I got a text from my friend Tanner Wilson letting a lot of people know that the contest will be postponed to August. However, Envy had already purchased a plane ticket home a week later and I didn’t want to miss out on this trip!
So, I figured out a way to get to California with my friend Aaron Anchie and Tristan Anderman. We made the six hour drive from Arizona, straight to The Scooter Farm which is right near the park. We ended up hanging around there for the majority of the day until Raymond picked me up later that night.
Eventually, Raymond picked me up and we made the drive back to his house in Murrieta, from San Diego. The following day was the day the contest was supposed to be, and of course there was no chance of rain that day, but the comp was already canceled. However, Ronka Underground Skate park had their own contest the same day, so we made the trek over there to ride in that contest. Which ended up being really fun, the park is designed well, and the owners were very friendly people, so huge thanks to them!
At the end of the day, the standings didn’t come out in neither mine or Raymond’s favor. I ended up with fifth place, and I honestly can’t remember his position. At the end of the day, as long as you had fun on your scooter, who cares about the results?
The rest of the week mostly consisted of me and Ray riding various skate parks near him, and eating at our favorite restraunt, Wings n Things. We originally planned on filming everyday that week and making a longer, more full video. However, the weather wouldn’t cooperate on many of the days, and on the days it did, Ray had to work.
On the second to last day of the trip, our friend Jake Kinney over at WoodWard West actually granted us access to camp for a night so we capitalized on that and made the three and a half hour drive back up to Tehachapi. It was only us, and a few other scooter riders there, so it was a fun session for sure! I’d never been to Woodward when their wasn’t a camp or something else going on there.
We brought our good friend, and filmer Jon Garlatta up there as well to film that day, and produce the video that is below. We only had about five or six hours to get what we could hence why the video is so short. (Sorry guys)
The video ended up coming out quite cool, and we had a blast making it! So, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I just want to thank Raymond for having me over at his pad for a little over a week to just hangout. If you’re ever in AZ and need a spot to stay, Me casa es su casa.

Til next time,
-Derek Seay






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